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) If you have a home/ project studio, get the eE2200a II C! The SE Electronics sE4400a Microphone is a small mic, but works perfectly well for recording sung vocals or voice over work. The 4400a Large Diaphragm Microphone from sE Electronics is a microphone with 4 selectable polar patterns and 2 switchable low- frequency roll- off switches. Designed by a team of extremely experienced engineers and verified by extensive listening tests. Click on ‘ Wave Out’ then choose sE USB2200a by clicking ‘ Use this device’.
The sE8 may be small, but it' s a monster when it comes to recording; crisp, clear and true. Read and review the sE Electronics sE4400A. 75' ' thick) contains a dual- diaphragm version of the company’ s 2200a capsule, a center- terminated, one- inch gold- plated Mylar design. Microphones, Reflexion Filters™, and accessories from sE Electronics. Product Identifiers: Brand.

Heavy Equipment Manuals & Books;. They are equally sensitive in all directions and do not exhibit the proximity bass boost effect inherent in pressure gradient microphones. This is a must- have! SE Electronics sE- 4400 A: Grossmembran Kondensator Mikrofon Frequenzgang: 20Hz - 20KHz 4 Charakteristika: Niere, Superniere. And if you' re looking for that first truly special vocal mic, an sE Electronics sE2200a II C condenser microphone is an excellent choice. View online or download Se electronics USB2200a Manual.
) response makes the sE Electronics sE4400a a real. By combining the expertise of manufacturing and design engineers with the listening skills of musicians, sE is able to produce mics that give exemplary audio performance in a variety of. The sE4400a will rule in pretty much any recording scenario. It' s built like a tank and the quality can be seen and felt striaght away. The second addition to the X1 Series, the X1 R brings the magic of traditional ribbon mics into the modern age with a tough construction that can handle any SPL.

Skip to main content Search the history of over 351 billion web pages on the Internet. The sE X1R ribbon microphone is the new high performance passive ribbon from sE Electronics. Hey Guys/ Gals, New Poster here!

I don' t think I' ve ever started a mic review by introducing the accessories first. I looked around and saw that the SE Electronics SE2200a ii was a great. Page 10 PC Windows Audition/ Cool Edit Pro To select the sE USB2200a as an output device in Audition/ Cool Edit Pro, go to ‘ Option’, then ‘ Choose Device Properties’ to reach the audio attributes window. For male voices, I find the sound of the microphone almost a bit too clear and shrill. Robust build quality gives these studio condenser. SE Electronics products.

For female voices it has not yet disappointed me. SE Electronics SE4400a £ 512 $ 900. The processing is great. This is an incredibly versatile condenser microphone, equally at home in front of a guitar cabinet as it is over a drum kit. De/ SE- ELECTRONICS-.

20 stores Lowest price guarantee Free shipping Extensive selection. I study at a music college, and we have now started to use sE mics because of the difference it makes to the overall sound of a song. Microphone Manual. I guess some pro audio dealer should catch up on that and sell them in a bundle! Com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Recent SE Electronics SE2200A Professional Microphone questions, problems & answers.

I have already taken off an acoustic guitar and was more than enthusiastic about the sound. New sE Electronics sE4400a offered by 3 stores starting at $ 499. This is a collection of manuals related to electronics, electronic parts, and various electronic components. Use them mostly in an ORTF configuration, hence the need for a figure 8 option. Offers the same essential character as the original SE2200A, but with multi- pattern capability. For more information, please call.

Given the practically cult status of these vintage mics, sE saw an opportunity, and from that arose the sE4400a. The clarity in the sound is something that really gives an element of proffesionalism to my recordings. So I am looking for a new Microphone for ( Male and Dynamic) vocals+ guitar primarily ( Pretty typical I know).

No cons at the price — although, as with any vocal mic, you need to make sure it suits the voice you plan to use it with. SE Electronics microphones have become and industry standard in a short space of time. This is a ribbon you can take on the road. Buy SE Electronics sE2200a II C Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone: Multipurpose - Amazon. SE Electronics sE4400A Studio Condenser Microphone - sE Electronics 4400a Condenser Microphone with four polar patterns - a truly versatile all- rounder. No obvious cons, although if you only need a cardioid- pattern mic you may be better off buying an SE2200a.
SE Electronics Microphone Manual Thank you for purchasing this SE Electronics microphone, which was hand built in one of the most advanced microphone manufacturing facilities in China. Page 11 Electronics www. SE Electronics 4400a Multi- Pattern Condenser Microphone. So smooth and warm with character for days and so versatile!

The sE4400a is a multipattern FET condenser in a compact, familiar form factor — it looks a lot like AKG’ s C414. Prima board you' d think a copy of the AKG C414, but to have one, I must confess that this micro there has something else. The capsule features two capsules that provide omnidirectional, cardioid, supercardioid, and figure- 8 polar patterns. SE Electronics has successfully forged a reputation for high- quality microphones at reasonable prices, so it was with great interest that we unpacked the 4400a, the latest in a line of mics whose technology dates back to the 2200a, which was released six years ago. SE Electronics X1 Project Studio RF Bundle features the sE X1 Condenser Microphone and the Project Studio Reflexion Filter RF. As an owner of the SE2200a II c I can say it' s a good mic for vocals ( at least for my.

Omnidirectional mics are pressure devices, which means they respond directly to changes in air pressure. Subjectively natural sound, balancing warmth with detail. SE Electronics SE4400 Spin Shop sE Electronics online. Ideally I would like to get a multi pattern mic to try out different techniques and also because the recording style I would like to try for guitar requires a Figure of 8 Polar Pattern. It' s that same kind of effect, that same clean, transparent but slightly complimentary nature of sound.
SE Electronics tube microphones use traditional, high voltage tube circuitry to ensure the true vintage tube sound. SE Electronics sE2200a II C Cardioid Condenser Microphone at a Glance:. No less no more, just something, so do not stop at appearances and understand he has a character all to itself that can not be found either on the 414 or a neumann. SE Electronics X1 Microphone is a large diaphragm condenser with a 10dB pad and bass cut added to the hand crafted capsule. The SE Electronics sE4400a Microphone can be used directly on a drumhead or guitar cab or can be pushed through the skin of a kick drum, thanks to the innovative round edge design of its chassis. SE Electronics sE4400a Large- diaphragm Condenser Microphone.
After shooting out the sE Electronics sE4400a alongside another popular ( hint: similar looking) microphone and its vintage version from the 70s, the sE4400a just killed it! SE have a reputation for building some great mics and are quickly becoming recognised as one of the big hitters in the industry. Congratulations on purchasing your new sE microphone!

Se electronics se4400a manuals. Owner Manual Se Electronics Se2200a Apr 4,. The sE Electronics X1R is suited to a variety. I bought them for features and price, having great confidence in SE and hoping the sound would be in the same league. Honestly they' re quite transparent.
It sounds like a much more expensive mic ( they even hand- tension the capsule, just like the way vintage mics were made! This is in contrast to many cost saving tube designs where the tube is run at a very low operating voltage so as to introduce deliberate distortion which their designers hope to pass off as warmth. Each model utilises gold sputtered, ultra- light mylar.

Now these classics are obtainable: hand- made brass capsules, robust metal build, four- polar- pattern- versatility and all. Digital Downloads ( buying software) All software marked as " serial download" or " digital download" will be delivered via email within normal office hours. Formed in the year the Microphone manufacturers have been used on countless recordings from world renowned artists and home recording enthusiasts alike. And like the classics, the sE4400a sounds great on everything.

Excellent shockmount. SE Electronics SE2200A MkII £ 279 $ 399. The sE4400a is designed to be a go- to mic for just about anything in your studio.

But given the innovative design of the shockmount included with the sE4400a, I can' t help but get that out of the way so I can then move on to telling you what a great buy the mic itself is. SE Electronics SE4400A Condenser Mic Pair Inta Audio. Buy now and take advantage of our low prices and great service. Hand- crafted capsules, made the old- school way. Neat shockmount that incorporates pop- screen holder. SE Electronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter RF uses the same basic design, omitting the.
The sE Electronics sE2200a II C is a fantastic mic for the home studio on up! Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Audio Players & Recorders. And for this price you get a great all- rounder. Se electronics USB2200a Pdf User Manuals. The sE Electronics 4400a inherits its dual capsule' s design from the highly succesful sE2200a.

True, the four switchable polar pattern feature alone doesn' t automatically make it a killer microphone, but this mic' s top- grade electronics, careful & METICULOUS capsule tuning, and just plain smooth and flattering ( but unhyped! Although they are not cheap, they will not disappoint and I am sure my sE will last me a lengthy amount of time. Se electronics se4400a manuals. Used with care, it will provide you with many years of reliable service.

We love the SE Electronics sE4400A here at Inta Audio and we' re sure you will too. Most shockmounts surround. I use these mostly for field recordings, mostly of classical music.

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